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Dent's Adult Daycare Services 
Dent's Adult Daycare Services


Believing in GOD as our helper, that we are our brothers keeper, and in the value of human life and the dignity of each individual. The mission of Dent’s Alternative Adult Daycare Health Services, LLP is to promote the well being of all our clients by providing a center where they can continue to be productive and interactive in a social nourishing environment.

  • To provide a safe caring environment that nourishes and adds quality of life to each person we serve.
  • To grow in this community as providers of professional caring services that meet the needs of the community>
  • To be progressive in ensuring maintenance and rehabilitative activities that improve or maintain ability to perform activities of daily living and to stimulate the mind.
  • To be respectful of the worth and dignity of each individual.
  • To be committed to respecting and valuing our employees (team) in our partnership in this ministry.
  • To treat each individual as we want to be treated.